Multi Content Type And Office 2003

Around this month, our project need to provide a multi-content types in a document library for special department. The requirements from user include a. add description property at folder item , b. add seceral property at document and c. embed a permission control column at document item.
After analysis and design, I create two content type for the requirements and do it in test env.
And the problem is Office 2003. When your client computer using Office 2003 and try to new a document from document library, then save it, you will see a pop up window for select content type with "Script Error" message several time...But it is no any problem by using Office 2007.
After touch with Microsoft, we confirm this is a bug and have not hot-fix or patch till now.
Maybe it would fix this problem in SP1, maybe not.
But my user using Office 2003, what can I do? Finally, I remove the content type's default document template, and then only can upload the file when click "new" in action menu...
For all the function workable, but we can smell of the necessary to upgrade Office...
Here is the reference links: