Community Server 2008 security modules 4.0.30423

Error Message:

The account you are attempting to login with could not be completely activated.

Please contact your site administrator to activate the account or enable automatic account activation.


New dll in securitymodules_4_0_30423

Here is reference : Discussion of New Version of CS2K8 SSO Module


FatalError: @bRetainObjectIdentity is not a parameter for procedure proc_AddNonListViewFormWebPartForUrl.

A couple days ago, I want to using stsadm to export a site from stage environment and import into production environment. I trying to figure out what's root cause of the import failed after two tries.

The error message is "FatalError: @bRetainObjectIdentity is not a parameter for procedure proc_AddNonListViewFormWebPartForUrl.", it's very strange, because the error is a simple database operation of .NET framework.

I disassemble the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll to look for the problem, everything seems fine, and the library don't using the "@bRetainObjectIdentity" parameter to run the stored procedure.

So, I turned to the different view of this problem, then I found the root cause of this error message. The database version don't update after hotfix installation. and both have different version number.

After discuss with my colleague, we found something we ignored when the hotfix installation, we forgot run the SharePoint installation wizard. The database schema only changed after running the wizard.

Here is the great article described the post hotfix of SharePoint 2007 SP1. Hope this help.

Btw, the hotfix we installed is for the this problem :

On a SharePoint Server 2007 site, you modify a task in a task list. When you do this, users other than the users who are assigned to the task receive the notification e-mail message for the change.


"Office SharePoint Server Publishing" Feature & "Save site as template"

When you enable "Office SharePoint Server Publishing" at certain site, the link of "Save site as template" will disappear. Don't worry, you still can save the site as a template, just change the url from http://sitecollectionurl/site/default.aspx to http://sitecollectionurl/site/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx, then you can do it now.

If you still got the "Access Denied", please try to export the site by stsadm and import to other site collection (you can ignore security and version) , than save it as template. Download the template file and upload to original site collection, now, you have the template.


當你在某個站台打開"Office SharePoint Server Publishing" 這個Feature, 你會發現"Save site as template"這個功能會消失掉. 不用擔心, 你還是可以存成site template, 只要把url改成http://sitecollectionurl/site/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx, 重點在後面的_layouts/savetmpl.aspx, 就會發現可以存了.

假如你存的過程中遇到"拒絕存取"的錯誤, 你可以試著用stsadm把那個站台匯出(不用管Security與版本), 然後匯入到另一個Site Collection, 然後依照上面的方法, 你就可以存成site template, 下載它並上傳到原本的Site Collection, 就可以使用了.



This post is refresh of one old post, because one link of post is broken.

We can trying right click "VS80sp1-KB926601-X86-ENU.exe" and choice the property.
We can find the button named "unlock", click it, and rerun the execute file
and installation starting without error message.

You can find the button in the below picture.

Thanks for Joanna's feedback.



Get the distinct data from System.Data.DataTable

Here is a great KB that tell u how to get the distinct data from DataTable.

For example, if we have a column "product" include different value inside the data table, usually, we can get the distinct data from foreach loop to get info. that's a common situation. Now, we have this helper class, we can just call it and get the data we want.

這裡是一個很棒的KB, 他教我們怎咪從DataTable撈Distinct的資料出來.

舉例來說, 假設我們的DataTable裡面有一個欄位是"產品", 每一列(row)都存了名稱, 會有重覆. 如果我們要產品列表, 要就組成DataSet用SQL撈,要不就是Foreach去撈. 這個狀況是很常見的. 所以我們如果在我們的工具箱內加上這個helper class, 那以後我們只要呼叫之後就可以取用了. 真好!!!


Task notification sent to undefined user

After update the SharePoint Server to SP1, me receive the notification mail from an unknown tasks ( a list) and my name was deleted in reassigned column.

After contact with Microsoft support, that's a bug of SP1. You can find the KB that describe about this problem.

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hotfix package: February 21, 2008

On a SharePoint Server 2007 site, you modify a task in a task list. When you do this, users other than the users who are assigned to the task receive the notification e-mail message for the change.

And you can know how many problems after SP1. Maybe everyone should do some study about the hotfix before update to SP1


在SharePoint Server上了SP1之後, 我收到一些 "工作" 的通知信, 然而我卻不是那個 網站 的成員, 名字則是被刪除的狀態.

後來有聯繫微軟的support, 發現這是SP1的問題, 可以參考這裡: KB 948945

有空可以看看他還有哪些問題, 我是建議想上SP1的人要先看過一遍, 以免一上就打到自己.