Runas in the machine don’t join domain

My laptop don’t join the company domain. Sometime I want to run a application as my domain account in the company domain to access the resource in the company domain, but the menu only existing “Run as administrator” when I right click the shortcut of the application.
How to resolve this?

There are two way I using to do Run As. One is ShellRunas v1.01, here is the detail description from Norm.

Another one is runas command in command prompt. Here is the syntax:

runas [{/profile|/noprofile}] [/env] [/netonly] [/smartcard] [/showtrustlevels] [/trustlevel] /user:UserAccountName program

It will easy to run the application as the account you have password.

If you encounter error by the command, please check do you accessed the machine by the account before first. That is because some program (as Visual Studio) running with account profile/env.

Change the connection string at runtime

I am doing a new project which try to utilize Quartz.Net to schedule the change of content base on Spring.Net and nHibernate.

The simple map is we have a regular process to deal with user’s request to change the content in the authoring environment and also input a schedule job into database by Quartz.Net. Another process, based on Windows Service will check the jobs queue, if the job startup time is up, then the process will update the content in the publish environment.

Seems the function is easy to implement. But we are frustrating for the timer job process to change database connection since the service module was based on Spring.Net and NHibernate.

After do some research and study, we finally found the solution to change connection string at runtime. (Beside this, actually there has another way to implement this function, by dual database provider).

This discussion thread detail the function implementation, and here is a great sample.