How we can add comment into folder in the document library of SharePoint

The document library in SharePoint 2007 is good for sharing information, but sometimes people want to add some comments into the folder. How to do it?

It’s very easy to do it by configuration. First, we have to define a new Content Type which inherit from folder type. And then we can change the document library to be able to contain multiple content type, and add the new content type we just created into the document library.

So, here is the steps:

Click Site Action –> Modify All Site Settings into the Site Setting Page.

Click Site content types which under Galleries column.

Click Create in the Site Content Type Gallery.

Key in Name and Description, Select Folder Content Types as parent content type group and select Folder as parent content type.
Note: The content in the description will be shown as image below, after all steps are completed.

After the content type is created, we can go back to the document library, and click Settings –> Document Library Settings. And select Advanced Settings under General Settings column.

Change Allow management of content types? to be Yes, and change Display “New Folder” command on the new menu? to be No.

Go back to the document library settings page and click Add from existing site content type.

Add the content type that we just created.

Now we have two content types in this document library, and then we have to create the comment column for the folder content type. Click Add from existing site column in the Columns section. Add the column called Comments, uncheck “Add to all content type”.
After the new column is added, we also have to add the column into the content type. Click the content type we just created, in this case, it’s “New Folder Type”. Click Add from existing site or list columns, select columns from List Columns and add the column we just added.
Now, it’s done, we can try a new “Folder Content Type” and edit the property “Comments”.

Change the content type to “New Folder Type”

Then you can comment your folder