BDE, Oracle, Invalid Filename

When the new computer just install the Oracle client and the BCB6 (BDE), and BDE pop up an error message “Invalid Filename” when change the server. Here is a simple check point before dive into the Oracle configuration or BDE configuration.

Click the Object in the BDE menu, and point the existing SqlPlus execute file, and try it again.

If got the error message still, maybe try to add the system variable ORACLE_HOME, as this post, and here is the reference to edit the registry.


Innovation, pptPlex.

Recently, Microsoft Office Labs release an innovation plugging for PowerPoint, pptPlex. That’s really what I want. It made the presentation more fun, more flexibility… Actually, I want this function for a long time.

I can fill my slide with more tech detail, a huge roadmap picture, project detail… because I can zoom it smoothly. I can talk about the overview and down to the detail just one click. What the fantastical function!

When I pass this to my friend, the plugging and the installer which convert PPT to PDF or XPS and told him this is a cool tool for presentation. In the first time, he replied me “why is it cool? save as PDF or XPS”. At the moment, I realize the function is base on a normal technique, and bring the different view of the existed stuff. I thought, this is the innovation.



很多時候, 我們都可以在現實的世界中偷學到怎咪處理專案中跟客戶應對的方式. 以下用故事說明:

現在有個case, PM跟老闆提出一個Solution A, 但是客戶那邊分兩派, Alpha派支持, 但Beta派強力反對. 針對這個Solution A的爭議不斷, 但是PM跟老闆又很想推這個Solution, 我們當嘍嘍是不知道這個Solution會賺多少, 不過拿人薪水就要做事的道理到是還懂, 所以就要盡力想辦法.

這時候, 客戶那邊突然發生了一個因為這個case還沒ready所產生的小問題, 像是未自動化帶來的人工支出. 這時侯老闆跟PM看機不可失, 於是大家想了個辦法說要去幫忙客戶解決, 這時候我們當嘍嘍的就可以用下面這一段話來跟客戶說明:

我們都知道這個A solution爭議大, 所以現在沒有用A Solution, ,就算Project B有使用原本Solution A的概念,也並不表示未來就是Solution A的一部分。PM的指示是,Project B必須要有Solution A水準;若未來有機會起Solution A,這Project B也能納入、不致浪費

於是, Project B就進去客戶那邊開發了, 想當然, 不久, Solution A的爭議就可以無疾而終, 畢竟Project B都上線了.

這個故事呢, 重點是那個話術, 怎咪利用這種話術讓客戶覺得很爽, 然後我們暗爽, 這個就是重點了. 不過講到這邊, 我們要感謝現實中的導師. 大家可以參考這裡. 下面是相對應的應用.