Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0SP1 (x64) (CBS): Error: Installation failed for component Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0SP1 (x64) (CBS). MSI returned error code -2146889721

Today, I got this error when update to the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 in my Vista 64bits machine. I could not found any reference about this error message except this discussion. After read this thread, the only way is remove a part of RAM. It’s hard to believe, but the update was completed, and I also determined one of RAMs was bad quality.

So, If your machine is running well in Vista 64bits, but got the error message when update to .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, just replace the RAM when update, and the problem will gone.


The Limitation of SharePoint

None of these are hard limits enforced by the system. They are guidelines for designing a server that has good overall performance.

Site collections (Database scope) 50,000 ... Total throughput degrades as the number of site collections increases. (whole iShare)
Web sites (Web site scope) 2,000 ... The interface for enumerating subsites of a given Web site does not perform well much beyond 2,000 subsites.
Web sites (Site collection) 250,000 - You can create a very large total number of Web sites by nesting the subsites. For example, 100 sites each with 1000 subsites is 100,100 Web sites.
Documents (Folder scope) 2,000 ... The interfaces for enumerating documents in a folder do not perform well beyond a thousand entries.
Documents (Library scope) 2 million ... You can create very large document libraries by nesting folders.
Security principals (Web site scope) 2,000 ... The size of the access control list is limited to a few thousand security principals, in other words users and groups in the Web site.
Users ( Web site scope) 2 million ... You can add millions of people to your Web site by using Microsoft Windows security groups to manage security instead of using individual users.
Items (List scope) 2,000 ... The interface for enumerating list items does not perform well beyond a few thousand items.
Web Parts (Page scope) 100 ... Pages with more than 100 Web Parts are slow to render.
Web Part personalization (Page scope) 10,000 ... Pages with more than a few thousand user personalizations are slow to render.
Lists (Web site scope) 2,000 ... The interface for enumerating lists and libraries in a Web site does not perform well beyond a few thousand entries.
Document size (File scope) 50 MB ... The file save performance degrades as the file size grows. The default maximum is 50 MB. This maximum is enforced by the system, but you can change it to any value up to 2 GB (2047 MB) if you have applied Windows SharePoint Services Service Pack 1.


Some experiences I made recently (12/2008)

  1. Cannot serialize member ... , because it implements IDictionary. [Error Message]
    .NET Web Service support XML Soap, and IDictionary is one that can't serialized. So, be careful when define the parameter and return value.
    1. XML Serialize IDictionary types (Hashtable, DictionaryBase etc.)
    2. XmlSerialization with IDictionary and CollectionBase Objects
    3. Or just rewrite the data entry/ data structure
    4. Change web service to be RemotingAn Introduction to Microsoft .NET Remoting Framework
  2. Visual Studio 2008, Build a signed project and also build a testing project, Error happened when trying to build the solution: "Friend assembly reference is invalid. Strong-name signed assemblies must specify a public key in their InternalsVisibleTo declarations."
    I believe that could be fix in the Visual Studio Add on or something else, I add the PublicKeyToken and all running well.
    1. InternalsVisibleTo and Strong-Name signed assemblies
    2. InternalsVisibleTo and strong names
    3. Debugging Unit Tests in Visual Studio 2008 and ASP.Net
  3. Install upgrade license into Community Server.
    The stuff will send you an XML file, please check the content before install the license key file. There are plain text to define the key attribute. Check the data is correct, else the system will only show the error message and advice you to contact sales, and CAN'T ROLLBACK, your system will be have one page with error message and can't do anything....



There are no open file/folder dialog control in the toolbox when developing WPF project. but we can instead of Microsoft.Win32.OpenFileDialog.

WPF also can using BackgroundWorker to do working in background (working thread), only the plug the event method and running smoothly.



台灣盤應該還是在觀望, 所以應該又是先黑再盤吧, 所以決定先看早盤再說.

至於禮拜五的Dow, 應該是這些人已經覺得8號的bailout一定會過吧, 只是或多或少的問題.

今天有看到一篇, Mortgage forgiveness as a tax hike, 值得深思. reference : http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-oped1205forgivedec05,0,6266498.story



Dow –> 8,618.53, +26.84.  12:27AM GMT+8, 還在盤…

本來以為明天可以買進, 剛剛看了幾篇東西有疑慮



不過感覺上5/12 失業率不會太難看... MJ的東西, 新聞不會報, 不過相對來說, 可能只是貸款轉換, 換句話說, 只是用人參吊最後一口氣.

因為美國央行利率調到快變0, 撐著, 貸款才還得起來,  如果這個因素 可以解釋的話. 那空01/09 還是比較妥當. 所以明天先出手一半好了, 轉買1月的put單.
感覺效應不大, 畢竟CNN新聞都出來打預防針了
台灣也有報導, 所以看來幅度不會太大.


BDE, Oracle, Invalid Filename

When the new computer just install the Oracle client and the BCB6 (BDE), and BDE pop up an error message “Invalid Filename” when change the server. Here is a simple check point before dive into the Oracle configuration or BDE configuration.

Click the Object in the BDE menu, and point the existing SqlPlus execute file, and try it again.

If got the error message still, maybe try to add the system variable ORACLE_HOME, as this post, and here is the reference to edit the registry.


Innovation, pptPlex.

Recently, Microsoft Office Labs release an innovation plugging for PowerPoint, pptPlex. That’s really what I want. It made the presentation more fun, more flexibility… Actually, I want this function for a long time.

I can fill my slide with more tech detail, a huge roadmap picture, project detail… because I can zoom it smoothly. I can talk about the overview and down to the detail just one click. What the fantastical function!

When I pass this to my friend, the plugging and the installer which convert PPT to PDF or XPS and told him this is a cool tool for presentation. In the first time, he replied me “why is it cool? save as PDF or XPS”. At the moment, I realize the function is base on a normal technique, and bring the different view of the existed stuff. I thought, this is the innovation.



很多時候, 我們都可以在現實的世界中偷學到怎咪處理專案中跟客戶應對的方式. 以下用故事說明:

現在有個case, PM跟老闆提出一個Solution A, 但是客戶那邊分兩派, Alpha派支持, 但Beta派強力反對. 針對這個Solution A的爭議不斷, 但是PM跟老闆又很想推這個Solution, 我們當嘍嘍是不知道這個Solution會賺多少, 不過拿人薪水就要做事的道理到是還懂, 所以就要盡力想辦法.

這時候, 客戶那邊突然發生了一個因為這個case還沒ready所產生的小問題, 像是未自動化帶來的人工支出. 這時侯老闆跟PM看機不可失, 於是大家想了個辦法說要去幫忙客戶解決, 這時候我們當嘍嘍的就可以用下面這一段話來跟客戶說明:

我們都知道這個A solution爭議大, 所以現在沒有用A Solution, ,就算Project B有使用原本Solution A的概念,也並不表示未來就是Solution A的一部分。PM的指示是,Project B必須要有Solution A水準;若未來有機會起Solution A,這Project B也能納入、不致浪費

於是, Project B就進去客戶那邊開發了, 想當然, 不久, Solution A的爭議就可以無疾而終, 畢竟Project B都上線了.

這個故事呢, 重點是那個話術, 怎咪利用這種話術讓客戶覺得很爽, 然後我們暗爽, 這個就是重點了. 不過講到這邊, 我們要感謝現實中的導師. 大家可以參考這裡. 下面是相對應的應用.



ManagedProperty, CrawledProperty and Fields

Couple days ago,  one friend asked about the MOSS search, he want to have a search interface which can bring the exists value from the column definition. This function wasn't supported by the default advanced search web part. In the beginning, I couldn't found anything talking about it, because there are rear people working on change (inherit) current default advanced search web part. Here is the best post I ever saw. we can create a customized search web part and utilized the default search result page base on the post.

Later, there has some gate still after we built the web part. How we can mapping the search schema into the content type/columns. Actually I don't found one artical which described on this topic. The relative objects are ManagedProperty, CrawledProperty, and they are not one on one relationship, what a superise! After dive into the structure, the CrawledProperty.Name is the only thing we can mapping into the exist content type, with translate. The naming conveision is the field name with the ows_ prefix and convert the space, dash... to be the unicode mode, like _x0020 or _x002d.

If anyone have any idea, please let me know, the hint is very import for me.


Windows Live Messenger 2009 (14.0.5027.908)

You can try the beta from here.

You also can install in the windows server 2008, – copy from the path : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Live\.cache from another machine(vista or xp 32bits)

And you also can uninstall it by Run msiexec /x {B1403D7D-C725-4858-AACC-7E5FA2D72859} in command prompt.

I don’t know why my messenger 2009 beta in windows server 2008 always return “the service is unavailable” …


Message: The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized. (Community Server, Mail Gateway)

This is a error message in mailgateway.log and the CS site's log, and repeat every 5 or 15 mins, depend on how long you MG(mail gateway) service run. The result was no mail could post into forum or blog, because the mail receiver can't pass the authorization.

The official forum had one thread with this problem. But here provider another way to do a work around. Open the IIS manager and find maildrop.asmx under utility folder, change the file security of the page to be able anonymous access. This message encountered when the MG service tried to access maildrop web service, and cant pass the authorization.



很多時候, 只是因為感動, 所以就行動了.

雖然我沒有寫卡片, 但是我關心, 我是這樣安慰自己的. 畢竟搞出那些字, 對我來說, 可能比生個幾千行程式碼還硬.

下面是朱豪宅的相關連結, 有連續性:







IIS 7 & Community Server, Tag problem

The day, I upgraded the Community Server 2007 to 2008 in IIS7 (Windows Server 2008), and encountered one problem. The tag cloud links became ooo+xxx when the tag include space character. Of course, the link was broken.

The message from IIS as below


Most likely causes: The request contained a double escape sequence and request filtering is configured on the Web server to deny double escape sequences.

Things you can try:Verify the configuration/system.webServer/security/requestFiltering@allowDoubleEscaping setting in the applicationhost.config or web.confg file.

The discussion in the Telligent is as windows server 2008 - IIS7 - tags with space in name give 404.

The the clear steps as this KB.


  1. Locate the following directory: %windir%\System32\inetsrv\config
  2. Open the applicationHost.config file in a text editor such as Notepad.
  3. In the applicationHost.config file, locate the following code:
    <section name="requestFiltering" overrideModeDefault="Deny" />
  4. Replace the code that you found in step 3 with the following code:
    <section name="requestFiltering" overrideModeDefault="Allow"/>
  5. Locate the following diretory:
  6. Double-click the directory of the SOAP-enabled server that you want to activate.
  7. Open the web.config file in a text editor such as Notepad.
  8. In the web.config file, locate the following code:
  9. Replace the code that you found in step 8 with the following code:
    <requestFiltering allowDoubleEscaping="True"/>



上個禮拜六日, 親戚從南部上來, 我當陪客, 想說貓空纜車沒坐過, 他們要去坐坐看. 我想說好久沒上去喝喝茶, 也是不錯的選擇. 因為每次經過那邊看到那一坨人, 感覺上就要排很久, 所以就跟他們說, 如果人少我們去坐, 人多的話就直接搭車上去.

後來到了那附近, 看到人並不會很多, 於是就去排隊. 排並沒有很久, 就可以坐了. 然而在排隊或是坐纜車之間, 有個廣播很心煩, 隱隱約約聽到下雨打雷等字眼. 想說也不在意, 沒想到坐到指南宮就因為山上打雷所以要乘客下車的狀態. 於是就下車, 本想說捷運或是哪個單位應該會提供接駁服務, 畢竟連百貨公司都會做了, 看起來像營利單位的纜車應該都會做. 沒想到的是, 有接駁服務, 一小時兩班, 只往山下. 於是你就看到一大陀人被卡在站內. 大個一兩百人就這樣滯留在纜車車站. 沒廣播說明狀態, 服務人員也顯然不足, 於是一大群人困在那邊, 真是令人傻眼. 我一開始也呆呆的等, 等了十幾分鐘發現不對, 跑去問服務人員, 才搞清楚接駁的狀況. 於是我回頭跟照片裡困住的那一坨人說明, 然後就不鳥那個閘門, 出去找計程車或是巴士.


老實講, 這種服務狀態就跟那種狀況外的公家機關一樣, 一不小心我還以為我到了難民營. 纜車的服務也不是一天兩天了, 怎麼都沒有媒體反應, 這倒是我最好奇的. 難道困在那邊的都是外國的遊客嗎? 這倒是真是促進觀光的優異教材. 不過要是這樣小小的打雷就停駛(2 PM - 7 PM)的話, 當初提議建纜車的人物我倒是很想認識一下.



In a couple days ago, I couldn't start the oracle database after imported. After check the log file located at $ORACLE_BASE/adminORCL/bdump/alert_ORCL.log, I got an error message:

ORA-01599: failed to acquire rollback segment (xx), cache space is full (currently has (xx) entries) Error 1599 happened during db open, shutting down database. (xx is certain number)

After check some reference, the root cause is the limitation of the parallel online rollback segments, the default size is 30. So, just add max_rollback_segments=50 or larger in the oracle database initial file, and then restart the database. Done.

After the database ready, you can query by select count(*) from dba_rollback_segs to get the precise amount of the rollback segments.


Update "Modified By", "Created By" fields (Document Library)

How to change the information "Modified By", "Created By" of the files in the document library?

That's easy, the key point is the field name inside SPFile.Item, you must change the fields which fields' name as "Document Modified By" and "Document Created By".

Remember! Create a new SPUser and assign it into the fields, done.


怎咪改編Document Library裡面的檔案的"修改者", "建立者" 呢? (好像中文版是這樣)

很簡單, 把檔案相對應的Item裡面的Fields裡面的"Document Modified By""Document Created By"塞進你想要的SPUser, 記得要是只有名字的話, 要想辦法生個instance出來喔(new 一個出來).



Community Server 2008 security modules 4.0.30423

Error Message:

The account you are attempting to login with could not be completely activated.

Please contact your site administrator to activate the account or enable automatic account activation.


New dll in securitymodules_4_0_30423

Here is reference : Discussion of New Version of CS2K8 SSO Module


FatalError: @bRetainObjectIdentity is not a parameter for procedure proc_AddNonListViewFormWebPartForUrl.

A couple days ago, I want to using stsadm to export a site from stage environment and import into production environment. I trying to figure out what's root cause of the import failed after two tries.

The error message is "FatalError: @bRetainObjectIdentity is not a parameter for procedure proc_AddNonListViewFormWebPartForUrl.", it's very strange, because the error is a simple database operation of .NET framework.

I disassemble the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll to look for the problem, everything seems fine, and the library don't using the "@bRetainObjectIdentity" parameter to run the stored procedure.

So, I turned to the different view of this problem, then I found the root cause of this error message. The database version don't update after hotfix installation. and both have different version number.

After discuss with my colleague, we found something we ignored when the hotfix installation, we forgot run the SharePoint installation wizard. The database schema only changed after running the wizard.

Here is the great article described the post hotfix of SharePoint 2007 SP1. Hope this help.

Btw, the hotfix we installed is for the this problem :

On a SharePoint Server 2007 site, you modify a task in a task list. When you do this, users other than the users who are assigned to the task receive the notification e-mail message for the change.


"Office SharePoint Server Publishing" Feature & "Save site as template"

When you enable "Office SharePoint Server Publishing" at certain site, the link of "Save site as template" will disappear. Don't worry, you still can save the site as a template, just change the url from http://sitecollectionurl/site/default.aspx to http://sitecollectionurl/site/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx, then you can do it now.

If you still got the "Access Denied", please try to export the site by stsadm and import to other site collection (you can ignore security and version) , than save it as template. Download the template file and upload to original site collection, now, you have the template.


當你在某個站台打開"Office SharePoint Server Publishing" 這個Feature, 你會發現"Save site as template"這個功能會消失掉. 不用擔心, 你還是可以存成site template, 只要把url改成http://sitecollectionurl/site/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx, 重點在後面的_layouts/savetmpl.aspx, 就會發現可以存了.

假如你存的過程中遇到"拒絕存取"的錯誤, 你可以試著用stsadm把那個站台匯出(不用管Security與版本), 然後匯入到另一個Site Collection, 然後依照上面的方法, 你就可以存成site template, 下載它並上傳到原本的Site Collection, 就可以使用了.



This post is refresh of one old post, because one link of post is broken.

We can trying right click "VS80sp1-KB926601-X86-ENU.exe" and choice the property.
We can find the button named "unlock", click it, and rerun the execute file
and installation starting without error message.

You can find the button in the below picture.

Thanks for Joanna's feedback.



Get the distinct data from System.Data.DataTable

Here is a great KB that tell u how to get the distinct data from DataTable.

For example, if we have a column "product" include different value inside the data table, usually, we can get the distinct data from foreach loop to get info. that's a common situation. Now, we have this helper class, we can just call it and get the data we want.

這裡是一個很棒的KB, 他教我們怎咪從DataTable撈Distinct的資料出來.

舉例來說, 假設我們的DataTable裡面有一個欄位是"產品", 每一列(row)都存了名稱, 會有重覆. 如果我們要產品列表, 要就組成DataSet用SQL撈,要不就是Foreach去撈. 這個狀況是很常見的. 所以我們如果在我們的工具箱內加上這個helper class, 那以後我們只要呼叫之後就可以取用了. 真好!!!


Task notification sent to undefined user

After update the SharePoint Server to SP1, me receive the notification mail from an unknown tasks ( a list) and my name was deleted in reassigned column.

After contact with Microsoft support, that's a bug of SP1. You can find the KB that describe about this problem.

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hotfix package: February 21, 2008

On a SharePoint Server 2007 site, you modify a task in a task list. When you do this, users other than the users who are assigned to the task receive the notification e-mail message for the change.

And you can know how many problems after SP1. Maybe everyone should do some study about the hotfix before update to SP1


在SharePoint Server上了SP1之後, 我收到一些 "工作" 的通知信, 然而我卻不是那個 網站 的成員, 名字則是被刪除的狀態.

後來有聯繫微軟的support, 發現這是SP1的問題, 可以參考這裡: KB 948945

有空可以看看他還有哪些問題, 我是建議想上SP1的人要先看過一遍, 以免一上就打到自己.


飄移貓, 甩尾吧!!!


Little red spot....my cat's favorite



今天, Starbucks 從10:00 AM-12:00 AM有免費的咖啡.

公司附近有兩家, 一家在敦化, 另一家在台北教育大學那邊.

於是選擇去教育大學那邊, 希望可以快一點回到公司.

到了現場....一看. 嗯, 看到鬼.




Outside Code (1)

Robert: 你怎咪都吃這麼甜的東西, 你上輩子一定是一隻大螞蟻.
S(馬賽克): 我老婆都說我會得糖尿病死掉. 我爸爸跟我祖父都有得糖尿病說! (開心的笑)
Robert: 那你不是應該節制一點嗎? 這樣會比較好吧.
S(馬賽克): 但是我覺得我現在不多吃一點, 以後就沒機會吃了阿!
Robert: ...................................


Microsoft Office SharePoint Training Kit

Microsoft had release a excellent training kit for everyone, the training kit is free and recommend every internal SharePoint server to utilize it!

Beside install in server, you also can install it in desktop for user training.

Here is the rul to reference and download:  Get SharePoint Training

There are three files can download, one of them is detailed Install Guide. Just follow the instructions and you will complete whole deployment very soon.

One thing for the people have more than two web front end servers:

When I try to deploy the solution in the "Operation" section of "SharePoint Central Administration Site", the status always show "deploying" without any indication that would be completed the deployment. So, I go to the "Timer Job Definitions" in the "Operation" section and delete the solution deployment job. than using command to execute deployment as "stsadm -o deploysolution -name mosstraining.wsp -url http://xxxxx -allowGacDeployment -local"  in the server where Central Administration Site located.

Then the deployment completed.

So, I guess that training kit should install in the server which Central Administration Site located.

After all, If you want to build the training course by yourself, SharePoint Training Kit only support SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), so you can find the authoring tools in this discussion.



Microsoft 最近釋出一個很棒的SharePoint的教育訓練Solution (Final了, 不是之前的Beta喔) , 完全免費, 建議大家使用. 它除了可以裝在Server上變成一個SharePoint教育訓練的Site以外, 可以單機使用.

大家可以從這裡去看看它的介紹, 裡面也有下載的連結.

如果是要下載安裝到Server的話, 你會看到有三個檔案可以下載, 其中一個就是安裝手冊, 超詳細的, 照著安裝, 很快就會裝好.

不過在我安裝的過程中, 出了一點問題, 在這裡給那些有兩台或以上的web front end server的朋友參考一下:

當我試著要在"管理站台"的"作業"中去deploy這個Solution時, 那個deploy狀態一直顯示"deploying", 過了一天還是如此, 一直沒有出現應該有的"deployed". 後來我就到"作業"裡面的"定時工作定義"中去把那個Training(我忘記名字了)砍掉, 然後回到安裝"管理站台"的那台Server下了以下的命令"stsadm -o deploysolution -name mosstraining.wsp -url http://xxxxx -allowGacDeployment -local", 瞬間就完成了.

我後來想想, 安裝的Server應該要找那台"管理站台"的Server, 這樣才不會有問題.

最後還有一個比較特別的, 假如你要做一個訓練課程, 那你要找一個authoring tools (可以翻做"編寫工具"嗎?...感覺很鳥) , 在這個討論串中你可以找到很多references, 因為這個Training Kit只支援SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)格式的東西.


Notes about index server remove and configuration

A couple of days ago, I install a new index server and try to replace the old index server inside server farm because the old index server have several  problematic issues.

Here are some notes about the remove/replace:

1. Please don't join the server farm before your new server's SharePoint version is consist with other servers in the server farm.

2. Please make sure the date format is M/d/yyyy

3. Please make sure you already remove old index from SharePoint administration site before the new one join into server farm.

4. Please make sure the index server's index location is locate at the right location with plenty space.

5. Maybe you need reboot the web front end server or index server in this progress.

6. Please remember grant the NTFS permission for the specific index data files path, for web front end servers to get data.

Here is the valued discussion for this process : "Query server index file location not shared" . Please reference this url when you found the message in event log as:

   1:  Event Type:    Warning

   2:  Event Source:    Office Server Search

   3:  Event Category:    Search service 

   4:  Event ID:    10039

   5:  Date:        1/15/2008

   6:  Time:        9:39:06 PM

   7:  User:        N/A

   8:  Computer:    *******

   9:  Description:

  10:  Retry of query machine *******  has failed with error: 

  11:  The system cannot find the file specified.   

  12:  0x80070002.  

  13:  It will be retried again in 900 seconds. 

  14:  Component: fc21b7e8-b377-481a-927b-07e697365c0b



一些有關Index Server變換或更新的筆記

因為之前的Index Server一直有問題, 所以在幾天前我灌了一台新的Index Server去換掉他, 下面是一些心得:


1. 記得先把Hotfix, patch等灌一灌, 確定版本跟Server Farm裡面一樣再Join farm

2. 在安裝前先確認機器的日期格式是 M/d/yyyy

3. 在join farm之前記得先把舊的移走

4. 如果你有用外部儲存空間, 記得要把Index Data Files 的位置設定過去

5. 在這個過程中可能會需要web server跟index server重開機

6. 記得要確認檔案系統的權限有設定好, 要不上面那個Warning就會是Error了.


"Query server index file location not shared" 這個是一個很好的討論串, 裡面有Search Service Deployment的建議跟資訊.


How to add a MSN messenger on your welcome page

I thought it's really cool that people can talk to you when he/she browse your blog or site welcome page.

Please follow below steps to add blog version MSN messenger:

1. Connect to MSN configuration page, then click Web Settings .

2. Please check up the check box "Allow websites to see your Messenger status and send you messages". And "Save".

3.  Then click "Create HTML", you can configure the appearance that you want, and please remember copy the HTML.

4. If you are suing SharePoint as your blog, please add a content edit web part. Modify the web part, and click "Edit Source", paste the code in step 3. If you are using other kinds blog system, please find out the code edit panel or something like "template edit" or "theme edit", and find the location appropriate to insert the code.

5. Completed, You can try the web part.

P.S. According here, seems this function is unavailable now, I sent the feedback to Microsoft Live Team, hope this function come back soon.

And Here is the testing Polaroid photo for Microsoft Live Writer:


MSN新病毒:Photos1-2008.zip (26KB)



1.使用 icesword,在Functions的Process中,右鍵 terminate下列進程 : C:\WINDOWS\happy2008.exe : C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe :

2.刪除下列 登錄檔值 : 登錄檔路徑:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run : 登錄檔名稱:Windows svchost : 登錄檔數值:happy2008.exe

3.刪除下列檔案 : C:\WINDOWS\Photos1-2008.zip : C:\WINDOWS\happy2008.exe

4.用 ccleaner 清掉暫存檔

5.完工 : 測試用的病毒載點: http://www.badongo.com/file/7145292

完整病毒測試: : http://www.avpclub.ddns.info/discuz/thread-7427-1-1.html



This solution is come from PTT Taiwan http://www.ptt.cc/bbs/MSNmessenger/M.1199348343.A.CC8.html
1. Use icesword , terminate the processes a. C:\WINDOWS\happy2008.exe b. C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe in”functions”

2. Start->Run, Keyin “regedit”, delete the keyvaluepair called [Windows svchost; happy2008.exe] under path [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]

3. Delete the files : C:\WINDOWS\Photos1-2008.zip and C:\WINDOWS\happy2008.exe

4. Use ccleaner to clear the temp files.

5. Done.

The Point is 1. Terminate the happy2008.exe process 2. Delete the registry 3. Delete the file.

This Post is reference from PTT, so, it will delete in couple days.