How to add a MSN messenger on your welcome page

I thought it's really cool that people can talk to you when he/she browse your blog or site welcome page.

Please follow below steps to add blog version MSN messenger:

1. Connect to MSN configuration page, then click Web Settings .

2. Please check up the check box "Allow websites to see your Messenger status and send you messages". And "Save".

3.  Then click "Create HTML", you can configure the appearance that you want, and please remember copy the HTML.

4. If you are suing SharePoint as your blog, please add a content edit web part. Modify the web part, and click "Edit Source", paste the code in step 3. If you are using other kinds blog system, please find out the code edit panel or something like "template edit" or "theme edit", and find the location appropriate to insert the code.

5. Completed, You can try the web part.

P.S. According here, seems this function is unavailable now, I sent the feedback to Microsoft Live Team, hope this function come back soon.

And Here is the testing Polaroid photo for Microsoft Live Writer:

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