Notes about index server remove and configuration

A couple of days ago, I install a new index server and try to replace the old index server inside server farm because the old index server have several  problematic issues.

Here are some notes about the remove/replace:

1. Please don't join the server farm before your new server's SharePoint version is consist with other servers in the server farm.

2. Please make sure the date format is M/d/yyyy

3. Please make sure you already remove old index from SharePoint administration site before the new one join into server farm.

4. Please make sure the index server's index location is locate at the right location with plenty space.

5. Maybe you need reboot the web front end server or index server in this progress.

6. Please remember grant the NTFS permission for the specific index data files path, for web front end servers to get data.

Here is the valued discussion for this process : "Query server index file location not shared" . Please reference this url when you found the message in event log as:

   1:  Event Type:    Warning

   2:  Event Source:    Office Server Search

   3:  Event Category:    Search service 

   4:  Event ID:    10039

   5:  Date:        1/15/2008

   6:  Time:        9:39:06 PM

   7:  User:        N/A

   8:  Computer:    *******

   9:  Description:

  10:  Retry of query machine *******  has failed with error: 

  11:  The system cannot find the file specified.   

  12:  0x80070002.  

  13:  It will be retried again in 900 seconds. 

  14:  Component: fc21b7e8-b377-481a-927b-07e697365c0b



一些有關Index Server變換或更新的筆記

因為之前的Index Server一直有問題, 所以在幾天前我灌了一台新的Index Server去換掉他, 下面是一些心得:


1. 記得先把Hotfix, patch等灌一灌, 確定版本跟Server Farm裡面一樣再Join farm

2. 在安裝前先確認機器的日期格式是 M/d/yyyy

3. 在join farm之前記得先把舊的移走

4. 如果你有用外部儲存空間, 記得要把Index Data Files 的位置設定過去

5. 在這個過程中可能會需要web server跟index server重開機

6. 記得要確認檔案系統的權限有設定好, 要不上面那個Warning就會是Error了.


"Query server index file location not shared" 這個是一個很好的討論串, 裡面有Search Service Deployment的建議跟資訊.

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