Some experiences I made recently (12/2008)

  1. Cannot serialize member ... , because it implements IDictionary. [Error Message]
    .NET Web Service support XML Soap, and IDictionary is one that can't serialized. So, be careful when define the parameter and return value.
    1. XML Serialize IDictionary types (Hashtable, DictionaryBase etc.)
    2. XmlSerialization with IDictionary and CollectionBase Objects
    3. Or just rewrite the data entry/ data structure
    4. Change web service to be RemotingAn Introduction to Microsoft .NET Remoting Framework
  2. Visual Studio 2008, Build a signed project and also build a testing project, Error happened when trying to build the solution: "Friend assembly reference is invalid. Strong-name signed assemblies must specify a public key in their InternalsVisibleTo declarations."
    I believe that could be fix in the Visual Studio Add on or something else, I add the PublicKeyToken and all running well.
    1. InternalsVisibleTo and Strong-Name signed assemblies
    2. InternalsVisibleTo and strong names
    3. Debugging Unit Tests in Visual Studio 2008 and ASP.Net
  3. Install upgrade license into Community Server.
    The stuff will send you an XML file, please check the content before install the license key file. There are plain text to define the key attribute. Check the data is correct, else the system will only show the error message and advice you to contact sales, and CAN'T ROLLBACK, your system will be have one page with error message and can't do anything....


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