Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item

I am get this information when I want to install VSTS SP1 in windows 2K3. Why I need to install the VSTS in Windows 2K3, that's because I want to develop a program that refer to Windows SharePoint Service 3.0 Tools to VS 2005 extension. Windows SharePoint Service 3.0 Tools to VS2005 extension ONLY can install in the machine that installed SharePoint Service … so silly.

So, the message base on the conditions: Windows 2K3 R2, VSTS 2005, want to install VSTS 2005 SP1.
The error message: as title.

Process: First, I search Microsoft KB and google to find the resolution. Here is the best discussion list about this problem.
First is the digital signature and second is the problem with permission.

But, after I do as both url, I could not resolve the problem still. Moreover, I could not see the ACCESS DINED in the tool mention by second url.

After 4 hours, I find something that I forget to check….
As the the picture below, just so easy to click and every thing is going find.
Just “unlock” the file.


Robert Yu said...

About the "unlock" steps, please reference Refresh

123 said...

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