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The day, my user in office found a special problem when using SharePoint 2K7 and Outlook 2K7.

The story as below:

User create a new share document library and put a file in there, than click the item's menu, select "Send To" -> "Email a link". Than, popup out an outlook mail dialog with an link to the document. Now, the url isnot work, why? because the domain name of SharePoint contain with some special character, my case is dash.

Per this discussion about this problem, the only way to solve this problem is change domain name...=_=

I will check this problem in Microsoft Connect, I thought this should be one of bug.


aa said...

I think it should be called..
SharePoint 2K+7 and Outlook 2K+7

Robert Yu said...

If you had read the SDK's document, you will see the bigger problem. The documents still grow up now.

Whatever MOSS also is one good product.
But I could not find the way to report this problem till.

喲哪桑 said...

Hey! I am the user who found "email a link" problem! May I get any award?

Robert Yu said...

^^, ha.

Sure. until now, I be a Microsoft MVP. So, I would give you a present for your contribution of Sharepoint 2K7.

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