"Office SharePoint Server Publishing" Feature & "Save site as template"

When you enable "Office SharePoint Server Publishing" at certain site, the link of "Save site as template" will disappear. Don't worry, you still can save the site as a template, just change the url from http://sitecollectionurl/site/default.aspx to http://sitecollectionurl/site/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx, then you can do it now.

If you still got the "Access Denied", please try to export the site by stsadm and import to other site collection (you can ignore security and version) , than save it as template. Download the template file and upload to original site collection, now, you have the template.


當你在某個站台打開"Office SharePoint Server Publishing" 這個Feature, 你會發現"Save site as template"這個功能會消失掉. 不用擔心, 你還是可以存成site template, 只要把url改成http://sitecollectionurl/site/_layouts/savetmpl.aspx, 重點在後面的_layouts/savetmpl.aspx, 就會發現可以存了.

假如你存的過程中遇到"拒絕存取"的錯誤, 你可以試著用stsadm把那個站台匯出(不用管Security與版本), 然後匯入到另一個Site Collection, 然後依照上面的方法, 你就可以存成site template, 下載它並上傳到原本的Site Collection, 就可以使用了.

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