Generic and Remoting...Sorry, u are not the couple

前一陣子,拿到Visual Studio 2005 Beta2,看到Generic...這麼熟悉的工具,就拿起來給他用了下去。


過了兩天,Business Layer寫好了,UI先寫了一隻,掛了上去,一試....OH, MY GOD!

上去Feedback Center翻了翻,發現Generic確定無法使用在XML Serialization上,隱含的意思就是Remoting跟Web Service無法使用Generic.


當然啦! 身為Microsoft MVP...這個聲音的音量是很小的.....唉



Here are the version for English, the practice for my poor English...

the comment for English is welcome, about tech, that is the same.

I got the beta 2 of visual studio 2005, and saw a article about Generic...Before .NET C#, I am using C++ for a long time.

So...what a wonderful tool that I had ever knew. no matter call it as Template or Generic.

I put it into my new case, The case is using Remoting for communication. I thought that would be OK and without write a new prototype for test, because I run a couple cases using the prepared prototype.

The only difference is that, Generic...

After I finished Business Layer, and wrote a UI Form to test...BOMMMM! Oh! My God! That cant run...

I check in the MSDN Feedback Center and find the fact...Generic can't run in XML Serialization, the implicate is Remoting and Web Service can't use Generic class for communication.

Oh! there are a small voice inside my mind " Why, Why do it unfinished!" after read the two feedback.

Of couse! The voice is very small........Ha!

The next post would be discuss about the topic.

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